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Each month's webinar focuses on a different and valuable area of your professional toolkit. The 60-minute calls include an open Q&A segment and the opportunity to be coached by Mike Bird, as well as any special guest co-hosts.

Next W3W Webinar: February 19th, 2020, 8:00 pm EST

Topic: Developing Your Growth Mindset

Special Guest: Stacy Pollack

Based on the work of Carol Dweck, a Stanford professor and author of the book, Mindset, this W3W webinar will dive into the difference between Growth and Fixed Mindsets, and what having a Growth Mindset can mean for your long-term career trajectory.

(Spoiler Alert: the mindset you choose to adopt will impact how far up the corporate ladder you'll climb, how much money you'll make, and how satisfied you'll be in your professional life!)

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Week 3 Wednesday Webinar Series