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Each month's webinar focuses on a different and valuable area of your professional toolkit. The 60-minute calls include an open Q&A segment and the opportunity to be coached by Mike Bird, as well as any special guest co-hosts.

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What people are saying about W3W Webinars


"This webinar was a well-presented and comprehensive informational session which, especially as someone who is going to graduate soon, can be very useful. I’m looking forward to more such informational sessions."

-Namrata Paul
Human Resources Major

Nathalie Arnaud LI Headshot

"I participated in a webinar a couple of days ago and will definitely be coming back. Mike and his guest completely changed my outlook on the interview process and made it more approachable by giving us the tools we never knew we needed. I now am ready to tackle any interview that comes my way by telling my story. Thank you!"

-Nathalie Arnaud
Engineering Graduate, Human Resources Student


"...it was great having to set aside some time to consciously think about how I’m approaching my career. I think that, in and of itself, is valuable. It’s easy to think that you’re on your own when trying to jump-start a career. I think the webinar was a good way to realize that we’re not alone in the struggle to trace a path forward."

-Adithya Lakshminarayanan
Electrical Engineering Major

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