Pit Stop

Take a break from your daily grind to consider your career direction.

Life gets hectic in this fast-paced world. You check the agenda on your phone at the start of the day, and think, “man, is there any time for me to breath in there?”

Do you ever feel like days are just sort of running themselves? Like you’re in a car, you’re going somewhere…but you’re certainly not the driver.

Taking time away from this ride and heading for a pit stop is critical. “Slow down, to speed up,” Rich Litvin would say.

Finding moments to ask yourself some tough questions allows you to get back in command of your life.

Is this really the career path I want to pursue?

Who wants me to become a doctor/lawyer/accountant – me or my folks?

Am I embarking on something that combines my passion, skills and hits on a market need? How rosy are things looking in those three areas?

Raising self-doubt is not the goal of this exercise. Instead, you’re taking a pause to get out of the proverbial car.

You’re doing a walk-around, checking the size of blind spots, looking for scratches and getting back into the car – this time in the driver’s seat.

The perspective gives you a sense of where you are on your personal road map.

It allows you to get back to where you belong – at the controls of your own life and its direction.

Originally posted on LinkedIn on January 6th, 2020

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