Conversations around helping students and new grads land their first "real" jobs

LinkedIn Live with Jack Kelly on Early-Career Job Searching

Let's Go Live! With Jack Kelly, Mar. 2021

Jack Kelly, a veteran Wall Street recruiter and founder of Wecruitr, and I sat down for a live fireside chat on how students, new grads and young professionals can better navigate one of the more challenging job markets of the last decade.

Parents of young job seekers will also find this chat very insightful, as Jack himself has college-aged kids who are working on building their own early careers!

PowerHour: Canada's Leading Career Experts Answer your Questions

McGill University PowerSkills Conference, Jan. 2021

McGill University's virtual career summit, called PowerSkills, brought career development experts from across Canada to the students who are looking to break into the job market right now.

Speaking on a panel with several other fantastic career advocates, we covered a variety of topics, ranging from how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed hiring, leveraging your experience as a "virtual student", using LinkedIn more effectively, networking more effortlessly, and more!

The Job Search Skills You Didn't Learn in School

Career Relaunch Summit, Dec. 2020

Diana YK Chan's incredible two-day virtual summit (which she put on for free!), featured 20 different career professionals all lending their takes on key topics relevant to any job seeker.

My conversation with Diana was around 4 job searching skills that aren't taught in school, but which all soon-to-be and new graduates should acquire.

Beating the Traffic: Creating Content To Get Ahead

Your Career GPS, Dec. 2020

Can creating content help you land your first job faster? You bet it can!

The benefits to creating content are greater than most people think. In this interview with Brad Minton and Megan Vallee of the podcast, Your Career GPS, find out what these benefits are and how you can get started creating the content that leads to a meaningful career.

Interview with Virginia Franco

Resume Storyteller, Dec. 2020

What are the common struggles of new grads trying to land their first job? Virginia Franco had me on her podcast, Resume Storyteller, to chat about exactly that.

Athletic Coaching vs. Career Coaching

A Mindful Career, Oct. 2020

A lot of young people have had some experience working with an athletics coach. But working with a career coach? Not so common.

Here's my conversation with Daniel Kang on the differences between working with a career coach versus the kind of coaches we often see on TV.

Interview with Mindy Thomas

Career Chat with Mindy Thomas, Aug. 2020

Mindy Thomas, a veteran career counsellor, and I talk about some of the specific aspects of job searching that apply to students and new grads.

Watch our conversation as part her weekly streaming show, Career Chat.

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