It’s Not A 1-Player Game

I’m a pretty fiercely independent individual, and have been for many years. So much so, that it has been a detriment to my career development at times.

In the spirit of, “I can figure everything out for myself, because I’m independent!” there were times in my early career where I didn’t seek help or support or grow my network in a way that strategically aligned with my professional goals.

A comment that I recently heard on a podcast (about email marketing, interestingly enough), got me reflecting on this tendency of trying to do it all on my own.

Changing up the comment just a bit to reflect the context of career development, here’s something to consider as you work on your career:

It’s not a 1-player game.

In fact, it’s a game with many players, all interacting with one another.

And it’s my belief that it’s an infinite game, one with ample opportunities for everyone – it’s simply a matter of becoming connected to these opportunities and trusted enough to be given them.

To build on this message, I’d like to invite you to access my new, free e-course, which is designed to help its students build new professional connections via LinkedIn.

The 5-day course is called Connecting Effortlessly on LinkedIn, and is a package of some of my thoughts and experiences on the platform that have allowed me to grow my network by about 4 times in a little over a year.

If LinkedIn is a place that feels strange or scary to you, then I invite you to enroll in the course and dive into its 5 mini-lessons.

You’re also invited to ask me any questions – or deliver any feedback you have about the course – along the way. My goal is to practice what I preach in being another one of the many players in the game that is your career.

Once again, here’s the link to the course.

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