Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment

What if someone told you that there was a way to measure and track your leadership potential?

Do you want to know more about how you show up in various parts of your life? At school? Home? Work?

How much easier would it be to grow yourself personally and professionally if you first knew where you were really starting from?

There's a way of measuring all of these things, using the Energy Leadership Index™ (or "ELI") Assessment!

Energetic Self-Perception Chart

The assessment takes approximately 25 minutes to complete, with a video debrief call lasting up to an hour.

This two-part process will give you incredible new insights into how you view the world, how others see you, and, most importantly, how you can grow as an individual and leader! Knowing where you're starting from is the first step in making progress toward where you want to be!

How fantastic is this assessment? It came in at number three on Forbes' list of top assessments that all executives should take!

The assessment and video debrief call can be done once every six months and can be an incredible gauge of leadership development progress. As such, all one-on-one coaching agreements include a "before and after" assessment and debrief.

Standalone assessments and debrief calls can also be booked for those curious to know where they're starting from, or to check in on how their career and leadership development efforts are going.

Are you ready to find out where you stand as a leader? If your answer is "hell yes!" then it's time to reach out.

$250.00 (CAD)

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

The Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment is a registered trademark of Bruce D. Schneider and the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

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