21-Day Career Launch Challenge

Registration for the 21-Day Career Launch Challenge is currently closed. To stay in the loop about when the next 21-Day Challenge will take place, email me at mike@coachoiseau.com and put "21-Day CLC" in the subject line.

Narrow your job search focus.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Upgrade your résumé.

Network and interview more confidently.

All in 3 weeks. Are you up for the challenge?

Are you unsure about where you might apply to after you graduate?

Is your LinkedIn profile basically an HTML version of your résumé?

Have the feeling your résumé is getting lost in the massive pile sitting on the recruiter's desk?

Do you cringe when you think about your next networking encounter or job interview?

Those are all normal feelings for a soon-to-be or recent grad to have.

Now imagine...

  • having a written list of organizations you plan on pursuing after grad
  • pointing people to a LinkedIn profile that captures attention and generates new connection requests regularly
  • knowing your résumé sells you effectively to employers
  • actually feeling like yourself when you enter that networking event or job interview

How much more excited would you be about approaching arguably the most significant transition of your life so far?

Rapidly upgrade your job searching skills, guided by a career professional who specializes in helping students transition into the working world.

I work in something called "placement." My full-time job is to literally help people get jobs.

I'm an active podcast host who speaks with the top experts in the career industry on a regular basis.

I still remember what it was like being that super lost and confused young man who was coming out of school and didn't know what the heck to do to get his career off the ground.

Here's how it works:

We'll meet as a group for five 60-minute Zoom calls, spread across 21 days.

Each call will address different areas of your job search tool kit and will take place on the following days at 8:00 pm EDT:

  • Call #1 (Sept. 9th): Creating a target job application list
  • Call #2 (Sept. 16th): Improving and optimizing your LinkedIn profile
  • Call #3 (Sept. 23rd): Reviewing and upgrading your résumé
  • Call #4 (Sept. 28th): Developing a networking and interviewing strategy
  • Call #5 (Sept. 30th): Graduation, final takeaways, and next steps

In between the calls, you will receive support and feedback through our group's private Slack channel. Calls will be recorded in case you miss one.

You will also receive additional resources for things like:

  • Clarifying your strengths, interests, market needs, as well as your must-have and non-negotiable features of a job
  • Building a better LinkedIn headline (one of the most important parts of the profile!)
  • Writing a better cover letter
  • Organizing your networking and application activities
  • Setting up and executing informational interviews

Are you up for the challenge?

If you're ready to take your job searching skills to a new level, then click the button below to sign up.

The cost is $79.00 CAD, which is an incredible deal as a typical private résumé review by a professional writer alone is often over $100.00.

Still unsure about joining? I'm very confident you will get at least one major takeaway from our time together. However, if you go through all 21 days and still feel like you didn't get your money's worth, I'll refund your payment in full.

21-Day Career Launch Challenge