One-on-One Career Coaching

Are you totally lost when you think about your future career?

Unsure of how to stand out from other job applicants?

Have you applied online to hundreds of jobs and aren't getting any callbacks for interviews?

Work one-on-one with the full, constant support of a career coach to help you land your first "real" job faster, so you can launch your career now!

One-on-one coaching with Mike will help you:

  • narrow your job search focus
  • brand yourself as an ideal candidate for your target role(s)
  • create a structured and systematic approach to job hunting
  • meet the people who will help you land a seat at the interview table
  • interview and network with confidence
  • negotiate your job offer so that you maximize your first major employment opportunity

One-on-one coaching is a significant investment and isn't for everyone. Due to the high degree of attention I give to one-on-one clients, I only accept a small handful of active engagements at a time.

If you want to learn more about this opportunity, book a call with me and we'll have a relaxed conversation around where you're currently at in your professional transition and how I may be able to support you.

Want To Build A Stronger Professional Network?

Connecting Effortlessly on LinkedIn

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