The 6-Step Plan to Confidently Launching Your Career Webinar

The signature webinar that teaches you the six action steps to take in order to advance your early career.

Every first Wednesday of the month.

Next 6 Steps Webinar: May 6th, 2020, 9:00 am EDT.

Expanding on The 6-Step Plan to Confidently Launching Your Career resource PDF, this 75-minute webinar is a deeper dive into key strategies and action steps that will accelerate your early career progression.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • how to create a LinkedIn profile that will serve as your professional, digital footprint (submit your LinkedIn profile for a chance to have it reviewed live on the show!)
  • what it means to find a career mentor, so that you can accelerate your short- and long-term growth
  • the importance of building your network early and often in your career, and how to do it even if you shudder every time you hear the word "networking"
  • a key strategy that will allow you to explore career options and make connections that move you closer to getting hired
  • what you should do with your social media time to grow as a young professional
  • the secret to reaching the pinnacle of any profession, which you can start implementing now

Featuring 40 minutes of content around the 6 Steps and 35 minutes of Q&A, this interactive presentation will allow you to learn directly from Mike as well as the rest of your peers who are likely struggling with the same major career hurdles as you.


What people are saying about The 6 Steps Webinar

"As a university student considering my next steps after graduation, the 6-step webinar helped me to have a better idea of how to start thinking about my career. This webinar is a good resource for anyone who is thinking about starting a career. When thinking about my future, I was unsure where to begin but these 6-steps have helped me to feel more optimistic about setting career goals."

-Alexa Iamello
Graduating Psychology Student

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The 6-Steps to Confidently Launching Your Career Webinar

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