3 Great Podcasts/Videos To Help You Overcome Discomfort

Interviews to help you overcome discomfort.

Psychology is a compelling field – it’s all about understanding what makes human beings tick! When you dive into the world of psychology, you’re basically opening up the User Guide to your brain. It’s very fascinating what you can find in the Guide’s pages! Today we’re putting the focus on discomfort: a feeling I’m sure we’re all familiar with.

Now, I’m a big content consumer: I love to learn about things! I jump on anything I feel might move me forward in my life, work or business. And for whatever reason, psychology has taken center stage in my mind as of late.

(Let’s be real here – psychology is usually standing somewhere on my mental stage. It just so happens that its feature moment is right now!)

I want to share three amazing pieces of content with you. These two podcasts episodes and video are all fairly lengthy, but they’re worth your time if you feel stuck, anxious, or unsure of what’s happening in your life. I know that because that’s me in a nutshell at the moment!

My own current feelings attracted me to this content – is that what brought you here?

Here’s what you should check out this weekend if you have a bit of free time:

Your Concept Of Who You Are Is F*cking You Up | Mark Manson on Impact Theory

I have not yet read Mark Manson’s supposedly excellent book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. This book has been mentioned and featured everywhere as of late. Colleagues, friends and family have all remarked on it – the book is definitely high up on my to-read list.

In this Youtube video, Mark is interviewed by entrepreneur Tom Bilyeu on how we’ve arrived at being who we are, thanks to the narratives we tell ourselves:

Mark Manson and Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory

Mark goes into some detail about how we define ourselves (ie. our identity), and more importantly, how we can begin to change who we are if we’re not that happy with what we see in the mirror.

SPI 370: Staying Positive and Building a Business That Matters with Marc and Angel Chernoff

One of my favourite podcasts to listen to these days is Smart Passive Income, Pat Flynn’s platform for teaching entrepreneurs about how to build a business.

As it just so happens, building a business also requires a lot of deep, personal development along the way. This episode catches both themes and bundles them into a fun, light-hearted and inspiring 51-minute interview. Pat converses with an entrepreneurial couple, Marc and Angel Chernoff, who make their living from coaching others and writing self-help blog posts and books.

In this episode, Marc and Angel recount a number of tough, uncomfortable stories (including the deaths of loved ones). They go on to highlight how the ensuing hardship led to them moving forward in their lives and creating an incredible, positivity-driven business (basically by accident!).

If you’ve never encountered any of Pat’s material previously, this a great place to test the waters and try out his awesome content. Listen to the episode right here.

2Bobs: Greatness Requires Discomfort

A more recent discovery in the world of podcasts for me, 2Bobs is a conversational show that features David C. Baker and Blair Enns.

These two really articulate business pros talk about a lot of the ups and downs of both starting and running a creative services firm. However, their content can be applied to a wide range of business and life scenarios. As such, I recommend their material whether you’re working in this particular space or not.

You can catch David and Blair’s talk about how discomfort is a necessary experience (evil?) if you want to achieve greatness in any field, right here.

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