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Mike Bird

Does this sound like you?

  • You're in the last year or two of your post-secondary education, or maybe you've even just graduated from university or college
  • You're getting ready to launch your career and become a grown-up, working adult...

But there's a problem...

  • You're scared of becoming underemployed - will all your hard work in school actually pay off in your career?
  • You feel anxious and stressed about stepping into the working world and becoming an "adult!"
  • You're indecisive and unsure about whether you should accept that amazing job offer
  • You say to yourself, "all that expensive education I've gone through has to be worth something, right? Why does it not feel that way!?"

I hear you!

  • I spent a lot of $$$ on my own university experience!
  • There are so many careers that a person can embark on these days, and it's not like the transition into professional life is really taught in school
  • Our modern world is a pressure cooker: friends, family, social media, can be hard to feel confident in where you're going with your life!

My name is Mike Bird.

I'm the career coach who specializes in helping students successfully launch their careers.

"It was a very open experience that felt very personalized."

[Mike] helped turn abstract ideas or problems into something concrete, increased confidence facing certain issues, and was very adaptable to what was going on that particular day of the call or days leading up to it.

-Jeremy Pryde, Talent Advisor/Future University Grad

How can I help you?

I offer a range of different resources and services - at different price points - to help you successfully launch your career:


1) The 6-Step Plan to Confidently Launching Your Career

A downloadable guide that walks you through the systems that will help you thrive in your early early. (10-15 minutes)

2) The Career Builder's Podcast

Conversations that build careers. A weekly show for 20- and 30-somethings that are serious about their professional development. (30-45 minutes)

3) W3W Webinars

Free career development webinars on topics relevant to soon-to-be and recent graduates.

Airs every third Wednesday of the month at 8:00 pm Eastern time. (60 minutes)

4) Take Flight Newsletter

Career development insights delivered straight to your inbox every Sunday. A chance to engage with me personally and get some of my most exclusive tips, tricks and strategies. (3-5 minutes)


The 21-Day Career Launch Challenge

Upgrade your skills as a job seeker with this 3-week, small group challenge that will get you tuned up for a better and faster job search.

Opens during selected times of the year. Registration for the next 21-Day Career Launch Challenge opens Wednesday, September 2nd.


One-on-One Coaching

An investment for those who are serious about their early career development. These private engagements are for addressing major hurdles such as:

  • deciding the direction in which you want your early career to go
  • working through a particularly competitive or difficult job search
  • overcoming the behavioural obstacles to a successful career

(3-4 months, must pass through a qualification process in advance)

What's in it for you:

  • Huge growth in confidence and competence as an emerging professional 😲
  • Avoiding a career that fails to launch 😟
  • The beginning of your extraordinary career 🚀

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