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Stressed about what you're doing after graduation?

Teaching anxious university students the soft skills they need to help them successfully launch their careers

Does this sound like you?

  • You're in the last year or two of your post-secondary education, or maybe you've even just graduated from university or college
  • You're getting ready to launch your career and become a grown-up, working adult...

But there's a problem...

  • You're scared of becoming underemployed - will all your hard work in school actually pay off in your career?
  • You feel anxious and stressed about stepping into the working world and becoming an "adult!"
  • You're indecisive and unsure about whether you should accept that amazing job offer
  • You say to yourself, "all that expensive education I've gone through has to be worth something, right? Why does it not feel that way!?"

I hear you!

  • I spent a lot of $$$ on my own university experience!
  • There are so many careers that a person can embark on these days, and it's not like the transition into professional life is really taught in school
  • Our modern world is a pressure cooker: friends, family, social media, can be hard to feel confident in where you're going with your life!

My name is Mike Bird and I'm a career coach who specializes in helping students successfully launch their careers

What's in it for you:

  • Huge growth in confidence and competence as an emerging professional 😲
  • Avoiding a career that fails to launch 😟
  • The beginning of your extraordinary career 🚀

Mike Bird

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