About"Oiseau" (pronounced "wah-zoh"): the French word for "Bird"

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My name is Mike Bird, and I'm the founder of CoachOiseau Life & Leadership Coaching.

I help young adult students, who aspire to become young professionals or entrepreneurs, develop the leadership skills needed to take charge of their careers, organizations, and lives.

My work leads to clients gaining greater levels of self-confidence, awareness for who they truly are, and a stronger leadership presence wherever they go.

I was born with a life-threatening medical condition that required very invasive surgery and substantial follow-up care. I lived the first five months of my life in a hospital, and was treated for this condition over the course of five years.

The surgery robbed me of the chance to play contact sports. Ironically, I discovered a love of American/Canadian football as a teenager. Would it surprise you that I've coached this very same sport at an elite collegiate level for years, despite not having played a single snap of the game?

How do I do it? I can coach football because I've never believed that I couldn't. I've let go of the limiting beliefs and assumptions that could have held me back from doing what I really wanted.

This critical shift in mindset is the essence of what I help my clients do.

As the world-renowned performance coach Rich Litvin would say, "when you change the way you see the world, your world changes."

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Coaching today's students into tomorrow's leaders

Most young people do not experience formal leadership training until they are established in their careers and have been labeled by their superiors as having "leadership potential." Why wait that long to take action? Leadership is a journey, and the longer we're in the leadership development game, the better leaders we become.

The world needs more talented young leaders - more people who are fearless in their pursuit of their dreams and big ideas.

My career has been centered around students for its entirety. As a coach, teacher, administrator and student, I have a deep understanding of the realities of young people and intuitively "get" how my clients feel about themselves. This has made me a trustworthy, yet approachable advisor to my clients.

I work with people who are really, truly committed to releasing themselves from the limits of their world, in order to create significant change throughout their lives and move forward to achieving what it is they deeply want.

Is that you?

If it is, then let's talk.

Yours in life & leadership,