How Nate Saunders Became a World-Class Basketball Referee | A Leader’s Journey Interview

An internationally-certified FIBA basketball official, Nate Saunders is one of the best and brightest young referees in Canada (but he’s probably too modest to tell you!). He’s also just a really awesome guy.

You’ve got to fail to grow. And I’m not saying you go out there and screw this up, but you grow from failure. There’s no growth without failure, I don’t think. You need to be able to develop resilience through failure.

Nate Saunders, on the value of failure

Now making regular appearances on the world stage, he’s on the verge of potentially going straight to the top of his field in the next few years (the 2020 Olympics is not that far away!). Even the NBA has noticed Nate, which you’ll read more about a little later!

For all the talent that he’s got on the court, he is equally special off of it. I sat down recently with him and picked his brain about his journey, his thoughts on leadership, and what’s made him a world-class performer just as he’s entering his 30’s.