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My name is Mike Bird.

I'm the founder of CoachOiseau Life & Leadership Coaching, and I help ambitious students develop the core leadership skills needed to become exceptional young professionals and entrepreneurs. 

Why do I do this work?

  • The world is so interconnected and depends more on great leadership than ever before, but where are the leaders we need now?
  • Leadership development is usually not directly addressed by an individual until they are established in their career. What would happen if you fast-tracked your development as a leader by starting the process earlier in your life?
  • I love working with young people and have been doing so my whole life.

What outcomes do I help clients create?

  • Increased self-awareness and self-confidence
  • An ability to have difficult conversations with yourself and others
  • A sense of direction¬† and purpose in your chosen career path
  • Sets of tools for personal and professional development
  • The ability to own your power as a leader

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Mike Bird

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